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Frequently Asked Questions for Ancestry DNA

1. What is an ethnic DNA profile?

An ethnic DNA profile is when your DNA profile compared against other ethnicities. We compare your ethic DNA profile against at least 18 different ethnicities.

2. Why would an ancestry test be helpful?

Ancestry tests are most helpful to people who were adopted, raised in foster homes, or have no family history and want to know their ethnic makeup.

3. Can this test tell me where my family history is located throughout the world?

Once you complete an ethnic DNA profile test, you can then take our World Mapping Test. The world mapping will pinpoint your DNA on a global map where and tell you where your ancestral roots are located throughout the world.

4. I think I may be part European, can you tell me which part of Europe I am from?

Sure, we have a European DNA Profile test that compares your DNA profile against 18 different European ethnicities. For example, it will tell you if you are part French, German, Scandinavian and can potentially tell you which city in France, etc.

5. How do you present the DNA results for the Ancestry DNA & Ethnic Profile test?

The results are presented in an 11 page report including your DNA profile, 2 ancestry maps, a world population certificate of ethnicity along with a profile chart showing if you have ethnic genes from one or both parents.

6. How soon can I expect my results?

Ancestry test results are generally available in 4-6 weeks after being shipped to the lab.

7. If I don’t understand my results, who do I call?

After submitting a DNA sample for an ancestry test report, we can set up a free consultation for you to speak with the lab who generated the test results so you will fully understand your results.

8. Can an ancestry test be legally biding?

If requested, a Legal Chain Of Custody (COC) can be produced to convert your ancestry test into a Legal, notarized version that can be used in a court of law, for scholarship purposes, tribal council, etc.

9. Do you have any payment plans?

Yes. We can take a small deposit up front, and then you can pay the remaining balance over time if needed.

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