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Flexible Payment Option

Initial Deposit, Then Pay The Rest Over Time

You will be charged an initial deposit at the time of sample collection, and the remaining balance can be paid over time when you are ready. We will hold the test results until the full balance is paid. Pay by money order, personal check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card. All credit cards for payment must have a valid security code on the back of the card.

Make Payments Every Two Weeks and Split Payment Between Multiple Cards

After you make the initial deposit, you can pay the remaining balance over a 4-week period or longer if needed. We, the Denver DNA & Drug Center, can hold test results up to a year if you need more time to pay. After a year, the test results expire. You can also make separate payment combinations. Example, you can pay part of fee by credit card and the remainder by check.

Flexible Payment Plan
Cost of Test Deposit 4 Easy Payments Total Payment
Legal Paternity
DNA Test
$150 $50 $350
Legal Paternity DNA Test
(3 party testing +
add’l party to be tested)
$280 $50 $480

*Payment options applies to Paternity, Ancestry and Predisposition testing only.

Payment by Check

Please note that all payments by check are held for two weeks to verify funds. Test results cannot be released until full payment is received. Returned checks will be charged a return fee, and are subject to an accounting hold, restricting the release of the test results until the account is brought current.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be accepted after samples are collected, and a cancellation fee will be applied once the samples have been submitted to the lab.

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