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Relationship DNA Paternity Testing

Grand Parentage and Avuncular DNA Testing

If the alleged father is deceased or unavailable for testing, a grand parentage or avuncular (aunt or uncle) DNA paternity test can be performed to determine the paternity of a child up to 99.9% accuracy in results. Testing can be used for legal or private (non-legal) test results. Legal Test results can be used for SSI benefits, Inheritance Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits, etc.

Siblingship and Twin Zygosity Testing

A siblingship DNA test is useful to determine if individuals are full brother and sister, half brothers and sisters or unrelated. To determine if twins are fraternal or identical, a DNA twin test can be performed. This test can also be used for legal and or private (non-legal) purposes.

Adoption Reunion and Paternity / Maternity Testing

A DNA maternity or paternity test is useful in cases where a child has been separated by adoption to determine or confirm the biological relationship between a mother and child.

More Information on Converting a Private (Non-Legal) Test to a Legal Test:

At no additional charge, we will process your private, non-legal paternity test similar to a legal paternity test that you can convert into a legal paternity test for a small fee in the future. Please bring a copy of your I.D. (Driver’s license, passport, green card, etc.) with you to our office to facilitate.

As a 3rd party collection site, our DNA Collector will make a copy of your I.D., take photos of all tested parties, and then gather signature(s) on a Chain of Custody form for all tested parties. Click for more information on Legal Paternity Testing and our AABB accredited reference lab.

More Information on At Home Paternity DNA Kits:

More Information on Buccal Mouth Swab Method:

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