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Ancestry DNA Testing

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Our Ancestry DNA Tests examine all your ancestral lines at once, to tell you which countries and ethnic groups your ancestors came from. We add an even higher level of resolution by telling you if your profile contains any of the 18 newly discovered ethnic markers. The test and ethnic panel confirm any Native American, African or Asian ancestry. Our DNA lab has been in business over 10 years and is AABB accredited.

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Ancestry DNA & Ethnic Profile (*Most Popular)

Your DNA fingerprint profile analyzed for comprehensive autosomal ancestry using our world population database, atDNA*. You will receive an 11 page report, including your ethnic DNA profile, 2 ancestry maps with world population matches (includes 71 European population and nationality matches) and a certificate of ethnicity. DNA profile testing included in cost.

A legal, notarized version of the Ancestry DNA & Ethnic Profile Report can also be produced using a Legal Chain of Custody at an additional cost.

Ethnic DNA Fingerprint Profile only

Results include single or double inheritance of American Indian, European, African, Asian and Jewish alleles in your DNA profile. DNA profile testing conducted at separate cost.

Euro DNA Fingerprint Profile only

Your European ancestry analyzed for the top countries or nationalities of Europe where your immigrant ancestors originated. DNA profile testing included.

More Information on Buccal Mouth Swab Method:

*atDNA is a statistical spreadsheet based on 300 academic studies dating back to 1998-present.It contains autosomal DNA allele frequencies for about 300-425 populations from around the world, as entered from over 200 studies published in forensics and genetics journals since 1995.

Autosomal DNA is inherited from both parents, and includes random contributions from their parents, grandparents, and so forth. Therefore, your autosomes contain a complete genetic record of all branches of your ancestry at some point contributing to a piece of your autosomal DNA.

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