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About Us

"We understand what's at stake."

The Denver DNA & Drug Center is a private, paternity DNA, genetic DNA, drug and alcohol testing center. We recognize that accurate, reliable and confidential test results are important when conducting DNA, Drug and Alcohol tests. Therefore, we work with reference labs that are AABB/SAMHSA/CLIA accredited and certified. We also train and certify our DNA/Drug Collectors with the National Association of DNA Collectors Management, and they collect and issue test results with the utmost confidentiality. Our DNA/Drug Collectors can administer a wide range of DNA tests that can be used for legal cases such as child support enforcement, child custody cases, immigration, social security, government assistance, and probation cases.

The Denver DNA & Drug Center is conveniently located in Denver Colorado serving the Denver Metro area. Our hours of operations are from 9am -5pm, and Saturdays from 9am-1pm.

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